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Moving towards net zero

Our ambition to help move our company, our customers and our industry to net zero carbon emissions

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Building by Example

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Regional Sector Leader

Our Australian portfolio maintains top GRESB ratings

Frasers Property Industrial has secured leading positions in the 2022 results

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Sustainability leadership

We're headed towards a rewarding future

Discover how we're connecting our business and yours to the benefits of sustainability.

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Leading with Purpose

Frasers Property Limited's Integrated ESG Report

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Top rankings in 2023 results

5-Star GRESB ratings and Regional Sector Leader status achieved

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The future is bright and we’re here to build it

We’re evolving the way we think and work to help reshape our business and yours – in ways that are good for people, progress and the planet.


At Frasers Property Industrial we’re leading the way to a more sustainable future. We’ve made an ambitious commitment to creating places where resources are reused, recycled and restored. Places where innovative ideas that support people and the planet can become an inspiring reality. We’re committed to a set of progressive initiatives that will help people lead better, healthier lives.

Frasers Property Industrial | Sustainability


How we’ll get to net zero

Our strategy sets out our top priorities as a Group through to 2050. The framework is driven by three pillars, namely Acting Progressively, Consuming Responsibly and Focusing on People. These three pillars form a multi-disciplinary approach that recognises 13 corresponding Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) focus areas.

Focusing on People

We’re committed to creating workplaces that are flexible and inclusive – no matter your gender, religion, culture or sexual orientation. In giving everyone the same opportunities, we all benefit from brighter, more diverse thinking. Everyone who’s a part of the Frasers Property team can take advantage of our ‘all roles flex’ approach – making it easier for work to positively contribute to wellbeing.

Sustainability | Focusing on People
Sustainability | Acting Progressively

Acting Progressively

You’ll see hallmarks of innovative, future-focused thinking across every stage of our developments – in every region we work in. In Australia, we lead the sector in sustainable development and building and have been recognized accordingly for our Industrial and Diversified portfolios. It’s in thinking progressively and leading the industry that we can deliver greater, longer-lasting value to our buildings and our customers.

Consuming Responsibly

We’ve set ambitious targets for our entire business and the ways we use vital resources. Many of our buildings have already been installed with solar energy solutions and we’re trialing new technologies like geothermal heating and cooling and battery storage. We’ve also reviewed our supply chain to establish a more responsible procurement policy, while establishing a database of the products we use and the impacts they have.

Sustainability | Consuming Responsibly
Sustainability for you

Sustainability for you

How sustainability works for our customers

Rewarding from every angle

Beyond safeguarding a future for all, we know sustainability is also about measuring performance and how we can increase it in the smartest and simplest ways for your business. Better performance means more savings, less hassle, and a greater return on investment for you and the planet we share.


We also understand that behind every business are its people. We know the importance of their wellbeing and how to create the places that can empower them to live more balanced, healthier and productive lives.


Sustainability requires a holistic and proven approach. At Frasers Property Industrial our world-leading initiatives will help you unlock the tangible benefits sustainability can provide for both your people and business. 

Frasers Property Industrial | Sustainability


Innovative design and technology delivering sustainability

Take a closer look at the class-leading features we’re incorporating in every new facility. Our team can help your business select the right combination of features to achieve your efficiency, wellbeing or certification goals.

The process

How we help you achieve your goals

At every stage, you're guided by our expert teams. They can help customise a simple and strategic pathway toward your business's unique sustainability requirements.

Step 01
Step 01

We build a better facility that leaves the smallest footprint possible while enhancing wellbeing.

Step 02
Step 02

We independently certify all our buildings – and we can help you become Carbon Neutral

Step 03
Step 03

We monitor the energy performance of the majority of our buildings and share the findings of any abnormal use so you can be informed and act. 

Step 04
Step 04

We share our unique sustainability framework to help you map out what’s important for your business into the future.

Sustainability for us

Sustainability for us

How we’re leading our business and the world to a sustainable future

How we're leading our business and the world to a sustainable future

We create places for the future. And we know that a brighter, more sustainable future relies on us making the right decisions today. It’s why we’ve integrated sustainable thinking and practices into everything we do. From design, construction and waste management to wellness, energy and mental health, every aspect of our business has been redefined to help tomorrow’s world live and work better than it does today.

Our targets

Committed to sustainability

We’ve chosen to make our commitment to sustainability clear through a range of strategic benchmarks that will drive positive change on a personal, local and global scale:

Net Zero in Development


Be net zero carbon in development and operation from 2050

5 Star GRESB by 2024


5 Star GRESB by 2024

Independent third party building certification for all new projects from 2021


Independent third party building certification for all new projects from 2021

Independent third party operational certification for 80% of owned and managed assets by 2024


Independent third party operational certification for 80% of owned and managed assets by 2024


How we’re tracking towards our sustainability goals



Pillar Target Status
Consuming Responsibly  Commence assessment of the emission footprint of the upstream emission sources of our value chain by FY23 ⬤  In progress
Focusing on people By FY23, develop an employee engagement strategy to support our net zero carbon goal   In progress
Focusing on people Achieve 40% women at CEO -3 level by FY24    In progress
Consuming Responsibly  Develop our understanding and approach in integrating low embodied carbon building materials into our developments by FY23    In progress
Acting Progressively Conduct climate asset-level risk assessments across the portfolio to inform the development of a framework for future investment decisions by FY24    In progress
Focusing on people Promote health and wellbeing by amplifying Healthy Heads in Trucks and Sheds partnership through events and direct engagement with our customers by FY23   Achieved



Pillar Target Status
Consuming Responsibly Install 8 MW of solar by 2024 & incorporate energy storage when reasonable  ⬤  In progress
Consuming Responsibly Avoid gas from all new developments from 2023 as possible    In progress
Consuming Responsibly Conduct CO2-neutral concept incl. Lifecycle Analysis on all new developments & major refurbishments from 2023    In progress
Consuming Responsibly Investigate available options to increase on site biodiversity by 2023    In progress
Acting Progressively Recertify existing portfolio with BREEAM In-Use every 3 years    In progress

Reconciliation Action Plan

Frasers Property in Australia acknowledges it is important for us to work with the Traditional Owners of the land, and to commit to actions that are respectful while creating opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to participate.

We do this through our Reconciliation Action Plan, which has three focus areas: genuine relationship building, knowledge and partnerships. Our plan ensures we seek input from Traditional Owners, collaborate through all project stages, find new opportunities to work with and support the greater economic empowerment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, create a culturally safe and diverse workplace, and more.

Reconciliation Action Plan
Artwork: 'People, communities and places' by Marcus Lee
Sustainability | Acting Progressively

Sustainable Finance Framework

Frasers Property Industrial takes a holistic view of sustainability, from the built environments we create and in the way we finance our activities, including the loans we secure.


As at March 2023, Frasers Property in Australia has 100% of its corporate funding secured in the form of sustainability linked loans. 


Learn more about our Sustainable Finance Framework.




Sustainability | Contact us

We’re working towards a sustainable future.

We can help you do the same


Globally recognised

We're proud of the achievements we've made but understand there's more work ahead to maintain our awarded leadership in sustainability.

GRESB Real Estate
GRESB Real Estate

Regional Sector Leader 2023
Oceania Industrial 

GRESB Real Estate
GRESB Real Estate

Regional Sector Leader 2022
Oceania Industrial - Standing Investments Australia

BREEAM New Construction
BREEAM New Construction

Excellent 4 Star rating - 2022
Frasers Park Roermond

BREEAM New Construction
BREEAM New Construction

Excellent 4 Star rating - 2022
DC Hazeldonk

The International WELL Building Institute
The International WELL Building Institute

2021 WELL Community Award - Marine Calmettes 

GRESB Real Estate
GRESB Real Estate

Overall Global Sector Leader 2021
in Diversified Office / Industrial - Development, Australia

GRESB Real Estate
GRESB Real Estate

Overall Regional Sector Leader 2021
ranking number 1 in Australia for Industrial 

Green Building Council Australia
Green Building Council Australia

5 Star Green Star Rating - 2022
Jaycar at Eastern Creek Business Park 


Access everything you need

Find out more information on our approach to sustainability.

Sustainability news


Alexander Heubes joins panel at Ramp One, Germany

Our Managing Director of Europe, Alexander Heubes, recently spoke at the Ramp One event in Hamburg, Germany.


Construction begins in Aviation Valley in Netherlands

We recently celebrated the start of construction of our newest addition to the Dutch portfolio – Aviation Valley in Maastricht, with a groundbreaking event at the site.


The Tube's first customer secured, Düsseldorf, Germany

Frasers Property Industrial announced it has signed Pharmaserv Logistics, a leading pharmaceutical logistics company, as the first customer for its highly sustainable project, The Tube, in Düsseldorf, Germany.


The Netherlands' latest project: The Anchor

We’re delighted to kick off the new year by revealing our latest project in the Netherlands: The Anchor. Located in Lelystad, The Anchor is a new logistics facility spanning 36,402 sqm with two units.


Goodyear, National Tiles and PFG Australia completed

Our Queensland team recently completed Vantage Yatala’s first three facilities, delivering over 52,000 sqm of premium warehouse and office space. Thank you to our builder Hindmarsh and all three customers for their collaboration.