Bees, Birds and Lizards – Unique sustainability initiatives at our estates

At Frasers Property Industrial, we’ve taken an integrated approach to ensure our customers get the most out of our sustainability initiatives in innovative, smart and simple ways. Some of these initiatives include installing bird boxes at Yatala Central in Australia, as well as a native lizard habitat at Frasers Park Egelsbach and bee colonies at Frasers Logistics Park in Germany.

Honey, anyone? Bee colonies at Frasers Logistics Park

At Frasers Logistics Park in Tamm, Germany, our team has taken a creative approach to caring for our customers and the environment, while delighting our customers – through bees.

Four colonies of approximately 200,000 bees live on the green roof of the estate, creating local honey for our customers and helping pollinate the surrounding landscape.

Over the summer of 2020, the bee colonies were deliciously active. Beekeeper Florian Schimpf harvested 66 kilograms of honey – equating to 264 glasses – which were given to our very happy tenants from Bosch and Buderus, as well as our employees.

Sustainability Initiatives

This creative approach to sustainability is enhanced by other innovative measures at the property. The bee-friendly green roof also improves the indoor climate of the building, as well as storing rainwater which it releases slowly. Environmentally-friendly materials used during construction – such as colour accents that are solvent and plasticiser-free – ensure the building itself is kind on the environment. High window strips were also incorporated to increase daylight and reduce electricity costs, while a balanced noise protection concept ensures our neighbours are well taken care of. Meanwhile, nesting aids for birds and dense planting with native bushes and trees enhance the surroundings and bring nature closer to the building’s grateful tenants.

Sustainability is an important aspect of our new developments and existing buildings. Photovoltaics or efficient heating systems for logistics properties are a key focus for us. But equally crucial are small unique projects such as our bee colony on the green roof of the Tamm property. “The bees like it here and we enjoy tasting their delicious honey too,” said Alexander Heubes, Managing Director Europe, Frasers Property Industrial.

Over 130 nest boxes at Yatala Central Industrial Estate

Yatala Central Industrial Estate is a 40-hectare industrial land subdivision located in the heart of the Yatala Enterprise Area on the M1 Motorway in South East Queensland, Australia. The estate services a wide range of local and global warehousing and manufacturing users. Frasers Property Industrial developed a significant “Open Space” Management and Rehabilitation Plan for the development and the local community. Over 130 nest boxes have also been made and installed throughout the area for native birds and wildlife including Australian wood ducks, galahs, rosellas and kingfishers, with the housing of 19 different fauna species an important part of the development process.

As part of our innovative sustainability plan for the property, we have regenerated local habitat by planting over 1,100 trees and 115,000 shrubs/plants. This plan also includes an estate stormwater strategy, which was implemented to create bio-reorientation, as well as stormwater basins along this corridor that enhance the dedicated habitat area for flora and fauna. Approximately 12,035 hectares of native woodland beside Halfway Creek has been delivered back to the City of Gold Coast Council. Over the past four years, Halfway Creek land has benefited from the removal of non-indigenous plants and the extensive regeneration of native plants.

All facilities retained within the estate are designed to achieve a minimum 5 Star Green Star Design and As-Built rating from the Green Building Council of Australia. In fact, one facility, O-I Glass, has already achieved a 6 Star Green Star Design and As-Built rating – the highest possible rating that represents world’s best practice.

New habitat for local lizards at Frasers Park Egelsbach

Frasers Property Industrial acquired the 50,000-sqm Frasers Park Egelsbach site in early 2020. The estate comprises two properties designed in accordance with the German Sustainable Building Council’s Gold Standard, with approximately 19,100 sqm and 10,500 sqm of rental space each.

Frasers Park Egelsbach’s progressive sustainability approach includes the provision of approximately 5,000 sqm of new habitat for local lizards, as well as the renaturation of a watercourse, a reed and bird habitat, native flowers and a picturesque herb meadow. Frasers Park Egelsbach will also provide electric vehicle charging stations and a new cycle path and roundabout – benefiting not just the environment but the entire community.

At Frasers Property Industrial, our unique sustainability framework and creative approach to caring for the environment allows us to build market-leading facilities that leave the smallest possible environmental footprint, enhancing the wellbeing of our customers and our precious planet.

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