Future of Logistics Automation



The subject


The future of the logistics sector has never been more topical. Global trends such as widespread workforce shortages and the impact of technology are stimulating the sector to change, repositioning supply chains from being considered purely a fixed cost to more of an operational and strategic priority.

Geopolitical uncertainty and rising costs are disrupting global supply chains which are still dealing with the impact of Covid-19. Shifts in consumer behaviour led by a recent boost in eCommerce are further reshaping supply chain operations. 

The logistics sector is seeing an increased drive towards sustainability, calling for initiatives such as the electrification of transportation and net-zero carbon target.

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Can the adoption of automated technology for logistics operations assist manufacturers and retailers to overcome these challenges, enhance supply chain performance and gain competitive advantage?

The research

UPS Supply Chain Solutions (UPS SCS) and Frasers Property Industrial have undertaken to research the automation of logistics in the Benelux in collaboration with primary market research and analysis company Analytiqa. As a result, this whitepaper summarises the current market position and provides an outlook for the demand for the automation of logistics operations in the Benelux. 

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