Premium Estates rollout

07 DECEMBER 2021

Frasers Property Industrial has launched its innovative industry-first Premium Estates concept for all new industrial and logistics developments. The market leading initiative will ensure healthy, sustainable and high-performing work environments are created across its Australian portfolio. 

The concept reinforces Frasers Property Industrial’s commitment to delivering high quality industrial and logistics facilities, amenities and open spaces with best-in-class sustainability and technology at their core, to improve workdays, support wellbeing and enhance local communities in surrounding estates. 

Ian Barter, Executive General Manager of Frasers Property Industrial in Australia, said: “We see a future where industrial and logistics estates aren’t limited to traditional sheds and warehouses, but instead are future-ready infrastructure that positively impacts the people that work within the space, as well as the wider community.” 

“Our innovative new Premium Estates concept reflects our commitment to creating next-generation industrial and logistics assets that are ultimately more efficient, healthy and engaging workplaces for our customers to build their futures in. Working with BVN Architecture, we have also created an industry leading building design standard as part of the concept, that can be easily rolled out across all new developments,” said Mr Barter.

A key component of Frasers Property Industrial’s Premium Estates concept is the cutting-edge modular Building Design Guidelines designed by BVN Architecture, an award-winning architectural practice known for its diverse portfolio in Australia and overseas. The future-focused industrial aesthetic in the Design Guidelines combines a variety of raw, exposed and sustainable materials to be used in warehouse and logistics facilities, creating a warm and welcoming aesthetic that’s typically not found in traditional warehouses. 

At the exterior, the amount of hardscaped estate area is reduced to minimise local heat island effects and improve thermal comfort for employees. Native flora and fauna feature throughout the public realm to minimise water usage and encourage a regenerative approach to industrial landscapes. Courtyards seamlessly blend the highly landscaped public realm into main entry and staff lunch areas, out to enclosed outdoor and rooftop spaces with generous seated planters, green walls, statement trees and timber cladding. 

The Premium Estates concept extends to the creation of green open spaces, outdoor fitness areas and amenities for employees and the wider community to enjoy. For example, at Frasers Property Industrial’s Vantage Yatala in Queensland, this will include a full-sized basketball court.

The innovative modular building design methodology also supports waste reduction while still allowing for customisation by customers, in line with Frasers Property Industrial’s net-zero carbon by the end of FY 2030 target. Materials have been carefully selected to minimise impact on the environment and all estates in the Frasers Property Industrial portfolio will target 5 Star or 6 Star Green Star Design and As Built certified ratings.

Ninotschka Titchkosky, co-Chief Executive Officer of BVN, said: "The difference with Frasers Property Industrial’s vision is that it is holistic. Our goal was to work with them to develop a new model that balances cost and speed to market, with quality and the environment."

"Creating a modular, but customisable system for the design means we can ensure the quality is kept very high, by optimising all the elements to reduce the impact on the planet and create a fantastic contemporary work environment. It’s a very exciting time for the industrial and logistics sector as it moves into a 21st century model of operations and development."

As the industrial and logistics sector continues to grow, an additional 1.8 million square metres is forecast to be required to be released to the market in Australia each year to meet demand, which is 25 per cent above historical averages . Additionally, employees in logistics, industrial and trucking, are expected to grow by 7.3 per cent by 2025 to around 700,000 Australians . 

As a foundational partner of Healthy Heads in Trucks and Sheds, a road transport, industrial and logistics industries not-for-profit charitable foundation, Frasers Property Industrial is actively involved in supporting the wellbeing of those in the industry.

Naomi Frauenfelder, Chief Executive Officer of Healthy Heads in Trucks and Sheds, said: "The impact of the pandemic has reinforced the importance of a healthy work environment for many across Australia, and for those in the industrial and logistics industry, this is no different, however, their workplace is often a truck or a shed."

"It is fantastic to see Frasers Property Industrial implementing an industry leading framework across its estates that puts the health and wellbeing of those working in the sector at the forefront."

Frasers Property Industrial’s Premium Estates concept has commenced roll out in New South Wales at The YARDS, in Victoria at 4 Ten Epping and in Queensland at Vantage Yatala. Crusader Caravans and Intel Engineering’s new facility at 4Ten Epping will be the first new development completed in accordance with the new Building Design Guidelines.


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